Enhancing efficiencies and convenience for institutions

EAFT takes a holistic approach to address the needs of all stakeholders in education - Administrators, Faculty, Students and Parents.

EAFT's Collaborative Learning System (CLS) is a state of the art,integrated end-to-end solution for universities and schools. CLS’s delivery platform is built upon, best-in-class tablet computers that provides true mobility and with ease to both teaching staff and students. The backend services of CLS are built using Web technologies which enables administrative and teaching staff to configure management information and collect statistics all the time.


  • Using E-Campus web portal, teachers can build question banks and test papers and flash them in the class room to conduct real-time quiz sessions.
  • Online automated attendance system with MIS for teachers and management.
  • Facility to create complete database of all departments, subjects, teachers, students etc.
  • Upload and share lecture notes, presentations, external content source, videos etc.
  • Content sharing between teachers and students.
  • Digital Notice board for sending across notices to set of students based on Department / Batch / Course
  • Provide interfaces to integrate lot of e-content (eBooks, presentations, videos, audios) as part its digital library interface.
  • Provide Digitized Textbooks of entire or part curriculum on Tablets as desired.

EAFT solutions for education encompass all aspects from admissions to graduation while it takes a modular approach to digitization. This provides educational institutions with the flexibility to embrace the best solution that is suitable for their needs - from replacement of laptops with a more cost effective solution or digitizing textbooks or automating attendance in classrooms and so on.

EAFT’s CLS provides a completely integrated solution for universities and schools on a framework that is highly scalable and mobile. EAFT’s E-Campus solutions have been implemented in a number of Educational Institutions in India.