Home entertainment was centered on living room TV, Set Top box and other AV equipment. With more and more user(s) creating and sharing content as well as downloading content from internet, multimedia content tends to be spread across various devices at home like laptop/desktop computers, mobile phone, NAS storage etc. This also results in disparate content experiences and device interoperability issues.

EAFT’s Digital Home shares vision of a wired and wireless interoperable network of consumer electronics (CE), personal computers (PC) and mobile devices in the home and on the road enabling a seamless environment for enjoying and growing new digital media and content services.

In the Digital Home, it will be common for consumers to:

  • Easily acquire, store and access digital music from almost anywhere in the home
  • Effortlessly manage, view, print and share digital photos
  • Carry favorite content anywhere to enjoy while on the road
  • Enjoy distributed, multi-user content recording and playback
  • Enjoy the media played on big screens at home

EAFT excels with Digital Home solutions and tools, which helps service providers and customers to manage the home environment. EAFT’s Digital Home Complaint Software services makes the end-user Digital Home experience very engaging and fun filled. EAFT has developed key competencies in Plug and Play and other Convergence standards to allow a multitude of personal gadgets to talk to each other thereby allowing it to completely digitize the modern home and allow users to seamlessly control all aspects of the home.