Founded in 2008, EAFT envisaged the market changing rapidly where information largely gets delivered on mobile internet devices to users regardless of where they are. EAFT Technologies was therefore founded with the simple aim of bringing any and all relevant Information/Media/Content at the fingertips of end users at home or work or at play. EAFT set out to do this by creating a line of futuristic tablets that are highly customized with it's unique middleware and applications that work together as a solution at the back end to cater to the Education and Media segments.

EAFT designs wide range of product lines with varying complexities for their OEMs across the world. EAFT customizes its product lines as per the OEMs needs in their specific regional technical requirements and distribution/deployment scenarios. EAFT has setup good number of OEM in various geographies who sell these product lines to their customers through wide range of resellers and retailers”

Education Segment

For educational institutions, EAFT takes a holistic approach to address the needs of all stakeholders in education - Administrators, Faculty, Students and Parents. EAFT solutions work in unison with Hardware (Servers for hosting content and databases, 7" and 10" tablets), Software (Integrated Digital modules for Administration, Faculty and Students, E-Learning modules) and Network Infrastructure (Connectivity to College Intranet and Internet infrastructure) to cater to the differing needs of Students, Faculty and Administration in the areas of Lessons, Assessments, Student Motivation, Study Tools, Admin Planning, Policy enforcement and Reports.

EAFT solutions for education encompass all aspects from admissions to graduation while it takes a modular approach to digitization. This provides educational institutions with the flexibility to embrace the best solution that is suitable for their needs - from replacement of laptops with a more cost effective solution or digitizing textbooks or automating attendance in classrooms and so on.

EAFT has successfully implemented it's solutions for the Education Segment in a number of educational institutions in India.

Entertainment Segment

For the Entertainment segment, EAFT provides end to end solutions for Digital Signage and Digital Homes. EAFT's expertise in Intelligent Content Delivery and Media On Demand capabilities enables it provide a new paradigm for ad insertion and analytics for Advertising in the Content Streaming industry, along with customized content delivery in a range of devices. EAFT also offers solutions for a Digital home. EAFT has developed key competencies in Plug and Play, other Convergence standards to allow a multitude of personal gadgets to talk to each other thereby allowing it to completely digitize the modern home and allow users to seamlessly control all aspects of the home.

EAFT has a state of the art Design House in Bangalore and employs the best talent from the industry.